More than ever family businesses are recognizing that strategic technological improvements can make their business model more competitive and fundamentally shift their financial forecast for years to come. Instead of focusing solely on the domestic market, family businesses can leverage technology to take advantage of the global and emerging marketplace. Yet many businesses are realizing that entering the global market is more than just publishing a website or creating a mobile applications--it's creating a strategic plan with a knowledgeable technology partner that you can trust.

No matter what industry, all family businesses are constantly combating against the same issue-how to increase services while lowering costs. Through careful research, the experts at Family Business IT have discovered five areas that businesses can examine to better their bottom lines.

  • Custom Software

    Off-the-shelf software solutions have their place, but more often its place is not for your business. More often a one-size-fits-all solution, these software products are not customized for the intricacies of your business process and require additional support resources.

  • IT Consulting

    It's easy to start utilizing a technology within a family-owned business and then settle into it for years or decades. The problem is that this creates an inefficient dependency on outmoded software, often causing compromises in business processes. Family Business IT consulting ensures that the best practices in technology are used to enhance, improve, and support the family-owned enterprise.

  • Business Intelligence

    Family businesses owners know the in's and out's of their business more than other group, yet without a qualification of that knowledge the information is useless. Business intelligence is more than capturing raw data - it's about creating a clear picture of your business's customer and its processes.

  • Legacy Migration

    In any business, the challenge of leveraging old asset into new revenue stream is daunting, but more often financially rewarding. For instance if a manufacturing company moved their offline processes into an online system, they could more effectively manage their raw materials and better plan for changes in production demands.

  • Website Design & Search Engine Optimization Services

    Websites for Family-owned businesses come in many forms. They can be as simple as a virtual business card to attract customers or be far more encompassing like an eCommerce portal or an inventory tracking system. Our New York SEO Service Company helps you grow your website traffic organically through ethical rankings. Solutions for family businesses exist using web design, no matter how simple or complicated the project is.

Our Process

  • Define

    Your processes are unique - and have been customized, tweaked, and transformed to meet the highly-specialized requirements of your business practices. As such, we assess your business entirely using proven and data-driven methods designed to understand the core of the company. By completely understanding your business goals and objectives, we create the best change for ensure family business security for the future.

  • Design

    After aggregating this information, we build out a custom plan-of-action to optimize performance gaps within your business. Ultimately - we pride ourselves in understanding that your family-owned business has unique needs, which enables us to create technology strategies that fit your time-proven practices rather than forcing your practices to accommodate an ill-fitting IT solution.

  • Develop

    The best family enterprises prove one thing: ideas are only as good as the hard work, revision, and effort put into making them realities. Family Business IT and its family business experts understand this perfectly - and because we do, we form highly specialized teams, from business analysts and project managers to software engineers and functional testing experts,to take a strategic vision and develop and implement it into reality.

  • Deploy

    In the same way family businesses grow, adapt, evolve to prosper - so too does the technology that facilities it. From the very outset of launching a new technological component Family Business IT and our family business specialists take the care to monitor systems, track issues, and follow through, ensuring that the technology solutions designed to make your family business stronger IT strategy can dynamically change to meet your evolving needs.

Our Formula for Lasting Growth

Because of our preference for agility, Family Business IT does not subscribe to one technology or platform to create stable solutions for our Clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to cover and excel in all disciplines to create a technological solution that will improve both the short-term and long-term goals of your business. Because of this dedication to knowledge and excellence, Family Business IT offers a wide range of services including application development, e-commerce platforms, web development, multimedia and design solutions, systems migration, web marketing, technology audits, CRM databases, third party integration, and e-learning tools.

Trust Family Business IT to make a difference in your business. If you are interested in learning more about how Family Business IT can improve your family business through technology, click here

Why Work with Family Business IT?
  • 1Build Your Revenue Stream to ensure longterm family business growth
  • 2Attract Qualified Leads with a sales-oriented site for your family-owned business
  • 3Increase Business Agility with a strong family business IT strategy
  • 4Promote Your enterprise 24/7 with smart family business IT solutions