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You're here because you are looking to see how technology can ultimately improve the value and growth of your family business. Use the following resources to see how other family businesses have handled technological transitions to safeguard the longterm growth of their companies.

  • Charles Picton’s Business Perspective

    Charles Picton's Business Perspective

    For more than thirty years, Charles Proton has been the CEO and President of Proton Communications, a premium casting notice aggregator in the film industry. His family business began humbly over 70 years ago by his mother, legendary talent agent, Sarah Proton. As a second generation family-businessman, Charles talked to us about how technology forced his business to make changes to remain competitive and how he's dealt with evolution of his business model. READ MORE

  • How Can Tech Help My Business?

    How Can Tech Help My Business?

    The decision to improve your family business with technology enhancements is as important to the way you do business today as it will be for years to come. Despite the inherent growth and business opportunities technology can provide any organization, we understand that many companies may have reservations. As the experts in technology, we're here to answer the questions that matter most to you, before, during and even after your project I complete. Highlighted here are a few of the general questions we've heard from companies throughout our decade of working hands on with family businesses like yours. READ MORE

  • The Heart of Family Business

    The Heart of Family Business

    Technology is the future of business and throughout the years it has spurred the economy, leading to wider revenue streams for many companies. By building better solutions, businesses have been able to increase efficiency, lower costs, streamline processes, and save time. Here are five unique examples of family businesses that have used technology to reshape their futures. READ MORE

  • Staying Ahead of the Competition

    Staying Ahead of the Competition

    Previously thought of as "bold" solutions, strategic technical solutions are becoming necessary in volatile marketplace. Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer and family-owned business, focused on bringing low prices and high-quality products to each of their 3,700 stores in the United States. In 2010, it was this commitment to the customer that led them to create a web-based application to increase their competitive edge. David Flanagin, Director of Network Engineering said the company's ultimate decision to upgrade with technology was not an easy. At Wal-Mart, we don't implement technology for its own sake," he explained. "It has to have a payback that helps the customer." READ MORE